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The Leader in Wyndham/Trendwest/WorldMark Resales Since 1994

Buy Wyndham Timeshares

Wyndham VO, (previously known as Trendwest Resorts, Inc.) has developed timeshares and resorts the world over. People from across the world spend their vacations each year basking in the sun or soaking in the luxury at Wyndham/Trendwest timeshares. You can find yourself on the beaches of Hawaii, Fiji, or Mexico, or you can make your way through the verdant landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. When you buy a Wyndham timeshare, you can find the vacation that is right for you, and then find another one that’s just as right for next year.

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WorldMark the Club timeshare vacation ownerships make it easier for you to enjoy the beauty and comfort of Wyndham/Trendwest timeshares. Ownership allows you to book and visit different locations throughout the world. They also offer bonuses and other perks that allow you to enhance your vacation.

Buy Wyndham/Trendwest Timeshares for Less

WorldMark the Club ownerships are widely regarded as top-of-the-line timeshare options. However, a lot of people simply can’t afford to buy ownerships at retail price. They want to experience the benefits of Wyndham/Trendwest timeshares, but it just hasn’t been a possibility in the past.

At TLS, we make it possible. We’re an aftermarket broker that provides Premier WorldMark the Club ownerships for Trendwest timeshares for about half of the retail price. Our discounts allow you to enjoy all of the benefits of timeshare ownership without having to worry about cost. We also work with you to find a financing plan should you need one. Find out how you can claim your vacation today, and keep reclaiming it year after year.