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TLS Timeshares

The Leader in Wyndham/Trendwest/WorldMark Resales Since 1994

Buying a WorldMark ownership is easy with TLS!

We only sell “premier” ownerships that offer perpetual ownerships with bonus time and inventory specials.  The inventory listed on our website is either paid in full, or has a negligible loan balance below the asking price that will be satisfied prior to closing.  We also can assist you in purchasing by assuming an existing loan on selective ownerships.  Either way, you can be assured the ownership dues will be current to the date of closing.

Available Inventory:

This is a dynamic process. We list and sell ownerships on a daily basis. Please see our available inventory online. This is our promise to you: No gimmicks, and no sales pressure. We value our relationship with you. We’ll be as happy to serve you next year as we are today.

Here’s how

  1. Determine the size of the contract

    (# of annual credits) that is appropriate for you. Feel free to call us for advice, or you may visit the WorldMark website at There you will find the nightly credit values for all unit sizes, seasons, and locations.

  2. Check us out

    We have an unblemished record with the club involving thousands of transactions spanning several decades.  We are a licensed LLC in Washington State, and a have an A+ accredited business rating with the Better Business Bureau.  WorldMark Vacation Planning and Wyndham Title Services work with our office on a daily basis. You can trust their judgment as it relates to years of combined experience. Client testimonials are helpful, but a few transactions are not as meaningful as an ongoing commercial relationship.

  3. View our available inventory online

    We evaluate 1000’s of potential listings per year. We can deliver value unsurpassed in the industry! View today's available inventory.

  4. Make an offer

    We aren’t like dealers who buy and sell on their own account. Dealers need to protect their margins and are often reluctant to negotiate. After all, it’s their money! We aren’t afraid to present your offer. In fact, we are required by real estate licensing law to do so. We get paid to broker the deal. We’ve honed our negotiating skills over a combined 80 plus years and millions of dollars in closed sales. Our job is to bring the buyer to the seller and negotiate a win-win deal.

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  5. Closing

    Once we negotiate the terms and conditions of the sale, we will draft the necessary documents and express mail them to you. Upon our receipt of the documents and funds from you and the seller, we submit the file to Wyndham for completion of the transfer. Your funds are deposited into our broker trust account for safekeeping until the transfer is completed. Once Wyndham has notified us that they have transferred the ownership into your name, we will provide you with a final settlement statement and copies of all documentation in accordance with standard real estate practices. You’ll be confident that you own the ownership, and you’ll have a properly documented file to prove it!

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