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The Leader in Wyndham/Trendwest/WorldMark Resales Since 1994

Buying Resale Timeshares by Wyndham

Buying resale timeshares instead of buying directly from Wyndham VO enables you to take advantage of timeshare ownership at a much lower price than you would pay retail. You can do that if you work with us at TLS, that is. We provide WorldMark the Club Premier timeshare vacation ownerships at a fraction of the original cost.

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People are often concerned that buying timeshares through a resale broker will somehow diminish their standing in the eyes of WorldMark. This isn’t the case. We ensure that once you’ve taken on a ownership you’re afforded all the perks, the luxury, and the flexibility that other WorldMark owners experience.

Simple Steps for Buying Resale Timeshares

If you’ve listened to a timeshare “pitch” you might be under the impression that buying and using timeshares is a complicated process. Again, this isn’t the case. We make the process of buying our resale timeshares simple and straight forward. You have easy access to all of the available packages, and we work with you to ensure that you’re getting the price or the value you want.

It’s good to keep in mind that when buying Wyndham timeshares resale or otherwise, the best price and best value aren’t necessarily the same thing. If price is your chief interest, simply look for our offers with the lowest listing. If you’re more interested in value over an extended period of time, look for the lowest adjusted value/annual credit. Better yet, work directly with us and we’ll ensure that you find the ownership package that suits your specific needs.