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TLS Timeshares

The Leader in Wyndham/Trendwest/WorldMark Resales Since 1994


How can I sell through TLS?
You can learn more on our seller’s page, or you can call/email an agent for a quote.  We have extensive experience listing and marketing ownerships and we never charge an upfront fee.  1-800-206-0611 or
How can I buy through TLS?
You can make an offer from our inventory sheet, or obtain more information from our buyer’s page, You can also call or email us for direct assistance at 1-800-206-0611.  If you are purchasing your first account or are already an owner give us a call to discuss the differences between a retail and aftermarket purchase.  Owner education is one of our highest priorities because we believe that if you learn how to use your ownership efficiently, you will be back to purchase more.  The product sells itself once an owner realizes how to maximize their membership.
Are your ownerships “Premier” or “Standard" and what about TravelShare?

We only sell Premier ownerships.  There are however additional retail benefits that are offered up to you only if you buy directly from the developer.  These benefits do not transfer in a normal brokered aftermarket transaction.  TravelShare is a developer sponsored benefit with varying benefit levels.  We can provide those differences to you if you contact us directly.  These benefits are updated frequently and are subject to change, but are typically laid out on the club website when you log into your account.  Please call or email for additional information.  1-800-206-0611,

Will I be a “second-class citizen” by virtue of buying from you instead of from Wyndham directly?
No. WorldMark resorts are maintained by WorldMark maintenance dues.  Once you are an owner, you have equal access to all WorldMark owned resorts and future developed WorldMark resorts.  On the resort gallery page of there is a map of all the available properties in the WorldMark system.  Take note of the properties that are WorldMark owned.  Purchasing from the developer offers additional benefits including access to affiliate resorts and select Club Wyndham properties.  Call for additional information if you want specifics on which properties will be available to you in an aftermarket purchase.
Can I combine an ownership I purchase through TLS with an existing one I own, or with one I may purchase in the future?
Yes. Combining accounts is a very common practice and typically will result in lower overall maintenance fees than keeping your accounts separate. The protocol for combining is always changing, but an agent at TLS will be up to date on the rules and regulations so please call us in advance of making an offer to ensure that we maximize your purchase benefits. 1-800-206-0611, .
Do you recommend that I combine ownerships or keep them separate?
This is a decision you need to make. Combining ownerships allows for lower annual maintenance dues and simplicity of ownership. Keeping them separate may save you an occasional housekeeping charge or allow more than one quarterly bonus time weekend. However, most of our clients opt for the savings and simplicity of combining accounts.
Can I exchange with RCI/II/DAE/SFX if I purchase from you?
Yes, but as with all WorldMark ownerships, you must also belong to the exchange company you choose. Aftermarket timeshares do not come with a prepaid exchange membership. WorldMark trades at the RCI gold crown status. It has great pull with the exchange companies and many of our clients have had great success with exchanging into other high-end systems such as Marriott, Westin, Hilton, and the Club Wyndham properties. The only way to exchange successfully is to immerse yourself in it. TLS recommends that you stick with the WorldMark system for a year or two, and then if you the time and interest level try an exchange or two. Practice makes perfect and most successful exchanges are from people who are flexible in their travel dates and who check for availability VERY frequently (weekly if not daily). Exchanging is an art form unto itself, but can you reap great value from getting adept at it.
How do I know my money is safe with you?
TLS is a licensed Real Estate firm in Washington State Cert/Lic Number 1544. This can be verified by going to and going to the business licensing tab, and selecting "check status of a business or professional License". Once you are on the search screen, select Real Estate Licenses from the list, and type in our License number 1544. This should pop up a screen with Daniel Murphy and “TLS Timeshares, llc.” and will provide you with additional info, and hopefully some peace of mind! We are also members of the BBB, our local Chamber of Commerce, and the American Resort Development Association (ARDA).
Are the dues current on the ownerships you sell?
All our ownerships have the dues paid current to the last quarterly/monthly billing cycle on the account. You will be responsible for the first dues billed after the account is in your name.
How do I know if the seller still owes money on the account I am purchasing, and if so, will these liens be paid off before closing?
This information is part of the contract we mail to you. If you are a cash buyer, we will pay off any dues, principal, or miscellaneous charges as part of the escrow process. If you are “assuming” an ownership by taking over the payments of the seller, our contract will clearly detail your responsibilities in an addendum to the purchase and sale.  We also will discuss thoroughly before submitting an offer and you will have a transaction recap emailed to you within 24 hours of deposit for purchase.
How do “annual” credits differ from “available credits”?
“Annual credits” represent the “size” of your ownership. This is the number of credits you get each year into perpetuity which are awarded in your anniversary month. “Credits on account” is simply the current balance of credits immediately available for use. This number includes any credits rolled over from the previous year. All owners may borrow credits one year into the future, but on our website “available credits” does not include future credits.  We also account for “accrued credits” and that definition and rationale is under the definitions of our available inventory under the “accrued credit” heading.
What are your credentials for selling WorldMark ownerships?
We are enthusiastic WorldMark owners, but our credentials go much deeper than that. We are a licensed brokerage firm with more than 80 years of combined experience in the timeshare industry. Enthusiasm is wonderful, but experience plays a much larger part in delivering quality service and marketable title to a WorldMark ownership.  We have built relationships from  the resort level up through Owner Care and management.  We regularly attend Board of Directors meetings as well and the club minutes can attest to that.
Will I be able to prove I have marketable title to an ownership I buy through TLS?
Absolutely! Unlike many unlicensed “dealers” who buy and sell vacation ownerships, your transaction with TLS will provide you with conclusive evidence of title. Every step in the process will be documented with a written copy for your file. At closing you will receive a final settlement statement and a notarized copy of the transfer endorsement certificate and assignment of Vacation Owner Agreement. This is the document Wyndham will look to in order to verify authenticity of ownership in lieu of a recorded deed.

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