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Should I Buy A Timeshare

If you’ve ever considered traveling regularly or simply saving money on the vacations you’re already taking, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Should I buy a timeshare?” After all, a timeshare can offer you a ticket to secluded locales all over the world. A timeshare can also give you the opportunity to vacation on your own terms and to enjoy comfortable accommodations while you do.

Should I Buy A Timeshare?

For many, the downside of timeshares is simply related to cost. Potential buyers have many other financial obligations to think of in today’s economy, when retirement funding and even jobs themselves might not be as reliable as they once were. “Maybe I should wait,” they think, and let concerns for the future keep them from a full-price investment today. At TLS, however, we’re changing the way people look at buying timeshares.

Should I Buy a Timeshare at Retail or Resale?

We are an aftermarket broker dealing in the resale of WorldMark the Club vacation timeshare ownerships which are developed by Wyndham Vacation Ownership. This means that you’re purchasing an existing ownership from a current owner. It also means that you can save thousands of dollars and purchase the vacation of your dreams without plundering your nest egg.

You should buy timeshares resale if you want to enjoy all of the benefits of ownership at a fraction of the cost. A resale WorldMark ownership should entitles you to the same terrific WorldMark locations a retail buyer receives. Along with great rates, we also offer comprehensive customer service, so you’re never on your own when looking for or purchasing the timeshare contract of your choice. We work for you, and we’re committed to helping you answer the question “Should I buy a timeshare” with a resounding “yes.“