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Timeshare Resales

When people enter into timeshare purchases, they’re often unaware that retail is not the only way to go. Like most industries, timeshares are available on secondary markets. This market features resales of timeshare ownerships that are currently held by another owner.

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For instance, if an owner can no longer fully take advantage of his timeshare, he has the option of selling his ownership to an interested buyer. This means that the buyer can assume the remainder of the contract for himself. It also means that the buyer can enjoy substantially lower costs on a timeshare.

Pay Less for Timeshare Resales

At TLS, we specialize in WorldMark the Club timeshare resales. WorldMark has become known for its superior ownership packages and its varied and luxurious destinations. However, when purchased retail from Wyndham, WorldMark ownerships can be too expensive for many people. In order to introduce the excitement and joy that can come from owning a timeshare to as many people as possible, we’re committed to providing our customers with rock bottom prices.

We offer savings of 50 percent or more on our WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare resales. This has allowed buyers to save thousands of dollars on a purchase without giving up any of their rights as an owner. You can even combine your purchase of timeshare ownership resales with any future purchase that you might make. Our resales can give you the chance to vacation in a way that you might not have thought possible. You can see the world without breaking the bank.