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The Leader in Wyndham/Trendwest/WorldMark Resales Since 1994

Timeshare Resellers

At TLS, we offer services that go beyond those of typical timeshare resellers. We offer savings of 50 percent plus on WorldMark the Club timeshare vacation ownerships, a lower price than you’ll find anywhere else on the market. However, we also work with buyers and sellers to ensure that they’re getting the best deal possible, regardless of which side of that deal they’re on.

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If you buy timeshare ownerships from us, we handle all of the financial and legal processes throughout the transaction. We ensure that your funds are protected and that your right of ownership will stand up to any audit. We also give you the opportunity to find a contract that fits your financial needs.

Get the Best Price When You List with Timeshare Resellers

As timeshare resellers, we’re dedicated to getting sellers the highest possible price for their timeshare ownership. We also realize that many sellers don’t know exactly what they have. That’s why we offer free financial counseling to all of the sellers we work with. We have the data you need! This gives us a chance to lay out all of the options out there for sellers, and it lets them gain a better understanding of the timeshare market and what we can do as resellers.

Our marketing tools give both parties the best chance of closing quickly. Our listings are updated daily, so buyers are always aware of what’s available on the market. We also connect sellers to buyers on a local, regional, national, and international level. We work with serious buyers, so you know that you’re going to reach a wide range of prospective owners in a short period of time.