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Timeshares For Sale By Owner

Timeshares that are for sale by owner offer you a number of options that you won’t get on the retail market. When owners are ready to sell their timeshares, they can list their ownership contracts with us at TLS. We’re a timeshare resale broker, and we handle ownerships for WorldMark the Club vacations at famous Wyndham (formerly Trendwest) resorts.

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We’re able to offer rates on timeshares for sale by owner that often cut the retail price in half. One of the best parts of the deal is that you’re in no way viewed any differently than any other WorldMark owner. You have the same resort locations to choose from, plus bonus time and inventory specials, but you won’t have to pay retail prices!

Benefits of Buying WorldMark by Wyndham Timeshares from existing owners.

When you buy timeshares that are for sale by owner you have a number of payment options. The easiest, as with most purchases, is to simply pay cash. Cash ensures a one-time payment and a fast and easy transfer. However, we know that cash purchases aren’t an option for everybody, so we offer other choices.

If you assume the current owner’s financing, the process is a simple one, and there are no penalties of any kind involved. If you need to establish a new financing plan, you may incur other fees. However, regardless of your choice, you’ll have a payment plan that works for you and that still costs you far less than if you had purchased your timeshare retail. We’ll work closely with you to come up with a plan that is sound, effective, and easy for you to handle.